Hey guys I prepared a mix of Lightroom landscape presets for you. These presets are needed when you are shooting in a high contrast demanding scene. You can really push the lights to the limit and get the most out of your RAW files. I recommend you to shoot in RAW to capture the most dynamic range in your images.


This preset is right for the time before sunrise. It boosts the clean raw files with a lot of saturation and contrast to really improve this pre-sunrise photos.


This preset gives your pictures the right balance in the moment, when the sun rises up. It recovers a lot of the information from the shadows in this high demanding contrast photo.


This preset gives your pictures more contrast and increases the color saturation. You can now better show the excitement in your pictures. It improves your photos with a dramatic feeling.


This preset gives your pictures more color and contrast in the time when you see the sun sinking on the horizont. It also revovers a lot of detail from the shadows.


This preset improves your pictures in the time after sunset or so called blue hour. The saturation of the beautiful pink, red and blue colors will pop up and share this great moment of the photo with other people.

The .xmp preset file comes with an installation guide compressed in a .zip file.


Have fun with my Lightroom landscape presets and tag me on your edits 🙂

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